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Kelley Michalik

Chief Marketing Officer

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As chief marketing officer, Kelley Michalik is responsible for driving Alight’s go-to-market strategy and accelerating its brand presence around the world. Kelley leads Alight’s global Marketing team, which includes brand and brand experiences, demand generation, digital marketing, product marketing, field marketing, content strategy, creative design, public relations and corporate communications

After spending over 20 years in various commercial leadership roles, Kelley knows what truly drives transformative results – and it’s not all about impressions and clicks – it’s about having empathy for all audiences and influencers and applying it to everything we do.

In her role as CMO, she has led and executed major milestones in Alight’s [brand] history, most notably, the launch of its first broad-scale brand campaign – “Welcome to the Employee Economy,” which generated a significant increase in aided and unaided awareness and was instrumental in bringing Alight’s strategic direction to life for [Alight’s stakeholders]. This campaign was timed and integrated with Alight’s public listing on the New York Stock Exchange, which created significant client and media engagement. Under Kelley’s leadership, the Marketing team evolved the brand identity to align with our strategic product direction, launched a global website across 12 countries in 9 languages, integrated numerous acquired brands under the Alight master brand and transformed the marketing and communications organization to drive scalable growth.
Over her 12-year career at Alight and its predecessor organizations, Kelley has held numerous leadership roles, including solutions and pre-sales, sales operations, and various areas of marketing. During this time, she built the organization’s first demand generation program and one of her campaigns was shown at the opening keynote at the American Marketing Association as an example of the future of innovative marketing. Before joining Alight’s predecessor organizations, Kelley served more than 10 years at IBM Global Services, where she led and managed client engagement operations, solution architects and held delivery engagement leadership roles.

Kelley is a member of the Marketing Peer 150 and holds a Management Information Systems degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

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